Monday, November 13, 2006

November 13, 2006

I'm bleeding at the office today - quite unprofessionally. I should plug it up with the modern invention of tampons. I don't use those anymore after reading "Cunt." Though I didn't go so far as to take the author's suggestion of staying home with a towel between your legs, but a pad, or "pussy hammock" as one insensitive ex used to call them, is a reasonable enough salute to feminism.

Speaking of feminism, I'm reading the Mother's Almanac, which made me feel utterly guilty by pronouncing that for the first 3 years of a child's life, at least one parent should be home a "great deal" of the time. I worked late nights last week, and really miss my baby daugher. Her bedtime is 6:30 - 7 now, so even when I do get home on time at 6, I have only time for a few stories and kisses and token breastfeeding, since she is full, filled up on dinner and soy formula. The weekends are so fun; we hang out lots, except when I'm cooking or organizing or doing laundry or exercising. Life is crammed up full of things. Nice things though and there is nothing sweeter than a little 9 month old breathing in your face at 6:30 in the morning planting a wet drooly kiss on your cheek.

She slept from 7 to 4:30 last night, missing her middle of the night feeding and leaving my breasts quite large and sore this morning. Though I suppose that could be the period too. Because I sleep on the left side of the bed, and therefore have been feeding her with the right breast (to avoid pushing her off the bed) at night, my right breast is visibly larger. That is why the tight Henry Bendel cashmere twinset didn't look right. That's what I'm putting down as the reason for return anyway. Now I'm back on the hunt for something to wear to our family photoshoot this weekend, or next, with photographer Roberto Flack, even though he does not know it yet. I was wondering whether it really was justifiable to spend several hundred dollars on this: a photo shoot and photo cards to send everyone of our little 3 some family unit. Shouldn't we just go to Sears, put Olive in a Santa hat, and $50 bucks later we'll have all the photo cards we could want. But I want something a little fancier, artier, so I'll take the money out of Olive's college fund.


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