Tuesday, November 07, 2006

November 7, 2006

Ran into Linda on the train today, my pilates instructor whom I haven't called lately. She was still polite and oh so thin. I am no longer thin. I have a mama body, weak stomach, hunched shoulders. But it feels so good to wrap my arms around my babe and rock her to sleep. She pinches the extra skin on my stomach. Yesterday, I even saw a flash of white in her mouth, though I've been feeling those teeth on my nipple for a few weeks now.

At work, work is crazy busy. There's no time to do anything, no spacing out or checking out the news or having long gossip sessions with colleagues about other colleagues, or even blogging. This is it, this is it, this is my chance to make my mark, I think as I plot how I will do good work and ensure that everyone knows about it.

The monthlies are coming too now. I feel a heaviness in the cradle between my hips. I feel contemplative, like lying down and watching Olive explore each little piece of fluff on the floor. She had a meltdown yesterday morning - she was angry because I kept her away from the lamp on the bedside table. She was screaming and throwing a tantrum. "She so much like you," said her daddy to me. Why do men think all women are ranters and ravers? Olive must be affected by my pms milk.


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