Tuesday, December 12, 2006


December 12, 2006

What do they want from us? Here we are, profusely bleeding, having night sweats, obviously still postpartum at 10 mos, and somehow men want us to be understanding of their needs for sex. Sex, you see, shows them that we still love them because their key to the secret garden still works. But when the red seas are flooding the garden, the only secret is to do more chores and try not to annoy us.

It's unsettling to be in a fight with him. I'll admit I am not the picture of grace and beauty - I lost it last night and started swearing at him when he wouldn't transfer the baby from our bed to the crib. I not only need more help now, but demand it - it's a must.

Yet, he feels unloved with so many weeks of sexlessness behind him - first I was too busy with Thanksgiving cooking and hosting; then I was too busy with work; now I am busy bleeding (almost to death). I told him how to get some: its very simple - take me on a vacation.

He's looking up hotspots near Cancun where American flies direct.

I'm even too period-y to continue this blog at this time. Closed for reconstruction.


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