Thursday, January 25, 2007

January 25, 2007
Notes from the Desk of Hyde

The on-line horoscopes are telling me contradictory things. It is hard to know which way to go.

Everything is going funny this week. I bought paper whites for my office and they smell dreadfully like overbearing perfume. Narcissicistic.

I'm impatient at work and have temporarily lost respect for people. How can I respect people when they cannot see the difference between a good lawyer and a terrible one. (Me being the good one and the terrible one being the Asst GC that I am trying to replace.) The SEC is here now and that is all anyone can think about. But since our fund is not part of the exam, I couldn't care less and want people to pay attention to my needs.

Yesterday one law firm announced salary raises - the good times are back. So I decided to put some feelers out there, and yes indeed the fishies are biting. There are fabulous opportunities for my luscious creative mind. Why should I stay here under the thumb of a dictatorial Russian. Tomorrow I may love her again, but today I haven't seen much. Much ado was made about the fact that I received a blackberry. Oh gosh, thank you for giving me a work tool. That is so kind of you. Finally I can actually check my email during working hours in Asia.

I'm all riled up about working life. Thinking of jumping to the business side. There's more opportunities for creativity there and measurable results. It would be so ironic if I did jump, as I spent much time here complaining that I was more legal than the Asst GC. Not that ironic, because I was more legal, analytical, plain old smarty pants. I did my job. A business job would be an incredible challenge. Never really had a business job. The lawyers would be answering to me. I am extremely power hungry these days.

P.S. Olive is sweet and has pink summer shoes and a trunk suit for Jamaica. She knows what is a nose.


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