Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Martin Luther King Jr. day

The nanny was off yesterday, so I brought Olive in to work with me. We both got dressed, breakfasted and headed off in the rain. At the top of the subway stairs I had planned to ask for help, but I could not. It's just not done in American society, except by beggers. Instead I looked helpless and in 30 secs a nice lady did come along and help me take the stroller down.

At the office Citi was closed too, and Olive loved roaming the empty hallways - it must have been like Doom to her. It was like a scene from The Shining - and I thought about getting a little trike for Olive when she's older.

I would look up from my business papers and she was gone, having opened the door and walked out. I made a left and ran down the hallway, crying out "Olive, Olive!"

A trader from Munibonds had come in on the holiday too, another keener. "Have you seen a small child?" I asked. "No, but I'll keep an eye out." I frantically looked further, surprised she had roamed so far and imaging all sorts of terrible things involving an 11 mos old under a larger printer. I ran down the hall in the other direction and found her in another lawyer's empty office, sitting on the floor and staring at the hanger on the back of his door. I brought her back to the office. 15 minutes later this entire sequence was repeated, except this time she was hanging out by the copier room.

In between running after Olive and changing her diaper, I did manage to get a bit of work done, though not very effectively or well. Sometimes with lawyering, its better not to have the luxury of time and second thoughts. She had lunch at my office, she napped, though she wouldn't fall asleep until we went outside a blast of fresh air hit her in the face and then she was gone by the time I reached the sandwich shop across the street for a California turkey.

Later we walked by the Childrens All Day School on 60th and to the Taryn Rose shoe sale. Olive loved the energy of Manhattan.

By the time we got home, I was spent and empty. My back had been hurt all day - something from doing yoga on Saturday after 2 cappucinos and 3 weeks of no exercise. I brought in Olive, her bag, my bag, the stroller. Olive wandered in the house. And then I saw that she had wandered to the top of the stairs - the gate was open - and had wandered away from the top of the stairs. Smart girl! But it didn't stop my heart from jumping into my throat.


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