Saturday, March 10, 2007

March 10, 2007

I'm officially in the middle of a wedding now, as my parents have arrived to New York and most conversations are about the organization details of my sister's wedding. My mother objects to each item planned - either it is too expensive or else not Islamic enough. She looked rather worn today. I felt bad for her. She is not a working mama, though she did work when we were growing up and was a lot healthier when she had more to focus on than controlling her kids or her husband's bank account.

Olive is sick, with snot everywhere. It turned grey-green today and her ear was smelling bad. I soaked a clove of garlic in olive oil and then dripped a few drops in her ear. She was so clingy, at a time when I am dealing with a demanding new job, emotionally challenging parents and a weakened immune system.

Also I am the matron of honor so I am in charge of protecting my sis from the emotional strain that mummy can impose. She is not generous but restrictive. She must save a lot of money because her husband is lot older than her; she will need that money to support herself later so she cannot let him spend it all on his kids now.

There is an uncertainty as to traditions and on how to do things because of the changing nature of our culture - Pakistani, Canadian, American, and the groom is Vietnamese, American, Quebecois.

I need to focus on my press release - the announcement that Rory will make to the team on Monday. I have agreed to draft it for him, as he is so busy.



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