Friday, October 17, 2008

October 17, 2008

Another unstable week has ended on Wall Street. The uncertainty, the down down down markets, the bloody losses have put everyone in a bad mood and a savings posture.

Bosses are taking their negativity out on their underlings, mothers are taking it out on their babies, wives are refusing to sleep with their lovers.

I am in a cycle of TGIF and blah Mondays, as there is a strained and formal feeling at my office. Once a place of warmth and progressive work with aggressive postures, we're now a bunch of aimless people fighting over petty amounts to get our share. "Hangin in there," is the constant refrain. Who will be in Newco, Stayco or Spinco. Perhaps you will be in gohomeco. Rumors abound and secret lists circulated. No retention plans yet.

I keep the door to my office shut and watch ballet videos on youtube, stopping only to deal with emergencies which usually require surprise shotput attacks.


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