Tuesday, March 06, 2007

March 6, 2007

I took a drug test today because as of next Monday, I will be Associate General Counsel of EMSO. I am quite pleased, if a bit nervous --- my predecessor spent too much time bigging herself up. But do I spend enough?

I am simply creating things. It feels strange to be Elena-less, but she was a huge monkey on my back, I discovered the depth of her deceits today as I went through her old emails. How emotional that was. But the weird thing is, that I cannot focus on my letter to SEBI because I have been obsessing about Elena today - so effectively she is still preventing me from my ultimate destination of being GC. I need to purge of her.

Olive has the sniffles. She said doll and mole today. We read about the mole sisters. It is gratifying to be a mother and an Associate General Counsel all at once. But note that I am not a ballerina, though I have been thinking incredibly about dance. I must choreograpy something for Sham's wedding. First, the music. Something Beethoven perhaps - very dramatic like an old Bollywood film.

I must keep my head on straight now.


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